Being Careless

Throughout my life, I have always tried to care about everything I do. I always double check and always work my hardest in everything I do. Recently, some of my grades have slightly slipped. I began to question, was it because I wasn’t working hard enough, or was it because I just wasn’t smart enough. I found myself questioning my work ethic. I noticed that I wasn’t caring about my school work. I hadn’t been doing my homework, and my grades were a result. I had let other things, my priorities get in the way of caring about my school work. I will now remember that in order to succeed I must care, and make school my priority.


Doing Absolutely Nothing

Ever since I was little, I cannot remember a day where I did absolutely nothing. I’m always asking myself what it would be like to have an afternoon after school where I did nothing. My life has always been filled with sports, basketball actually. Everyday there is something basketball related that I go and do, and sometimes I think it would be nice to not have anything to do. I have wished before that I was one of those kids who had nothing to do but go home, do my homework, eat, and then go to bed. I always have wondered how nice it would be, but then I look at the kids, who that is their life, and I am thankful for the activities that fill my life, and keep me from getting bored, and becoming the “couch potato” many of those people are.

Being a Dog? What?

About a year ago, my family decided to get a dog. Every kid I have grown up with have been exposed to a life with a “little furry friend” along side them. My dad had always wanted a bulldog, so a bulldog is what we got. Now, because I’ve never had a dog I found myself believing that this puppy had more personality than most humans I have met. The act of being a dog? Because I have this dog with such strong personality traits I continue to find myself putting me in the position of “Otis” as we call him. He sleeps on his back with his nose smashed to the floor and paws straight up in the air. Otis also likes to sleep in. Every Friday he goes to doggy day-care (my mom’s idea). In the mornings, it’s honestly hysterical to watch him groan and drag himself off his bed, maybe he is just lazy. When he gets in the car, he rides shot-gun and sits on his butt, like a person would do….and then proceeds to stick just one paw/arm out the window. This dog is a human in a dogs body. Is the act of being a dog really being a dog, or are the dogs becoming humans?

Being a Best Friend

Almost a year ago, my best friend committed to a college 1,531 miles away…to be exact. It’s a long distance and not cheap either. Being a best friend could be considered the hardest role to play. As a parent, you are saddened to see your child leave, but at the same time are ready to see them move on to bigger and better. As a best friend though, you find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place, for lack of better words. On one side you realize you need to be happy for your best friend, but then on the other you find the selfish side. As the decision has crept up, I keep getting stuck on whether my supportive side needs to come out, or if I need to tell my best friend exactly how I feel. While I think this is a great opportunity, the negatives always seem to outshine the positives. I have watched her stay silent on the issue, but I think I need to tell her exactly how I feel. Honestly, is it really worth it to travel 1,500 miles away to go to play soccer at a mediocre school? Accomplishment? YES! Amazingly awesome for sure. Not very many people get the opportunity to go to a good school and play the sport they love, but then I look at the alternatives and I honestly cannot figure the way they think; I guarantee there will be many bigger, better accomplishments. Once again, I am thinking from my side and I would do anything to see her stay, I just can’t seem to see the logic of going. I am forced to take a side, and I just want to let you know that I think you should stay. I think your heart is telling you to stay, and for a decision this big, I think you need to follow your heart. So, to my best friend, I am asking to stay and to live it out. Yes, it could be selfish, but I believe it’s what’s best. The question is, what will she decide to do?